12 things to do if you’re SINGLE & QUARANTINED

12 things to do if you’re SINGLE & QUARANTINED

12 things to do if you’re SINGLE & QUARANTINED

COVID-19 has taken a swing at being single - but it can’t knock it out. Here are 12 ways to put the social back in social distancing. (Hand sanitizing is sexy, by the way.)

1-Exercise (so you can look super-hot when the quarantine is over)

There’s an 83% chance you’re in workout clothes or yoga pants anyway. Get on the mat, swing the kettlebell, do pilates in the living room. Build the bod you'd want to have when this self-quarantine thing runs its course.

2-Binge watch your favorite TV shows or series

Let’s face it: We’ll be out of practice when it comes to breaking the ice. Don’t ask what her sign is when you’re in line for a latte. If you can say something intelligent about Jessica Jones or How to Get Away With Murder, you’ve got an in. (And if he doesn’t get it - do you want that connection anyway?)

3-Write poetry or random stuff about nothing

The beauty of artistic expression is that it’s up for interpretation. Baffle them with deep prose and intellectual narratives. Wear your feelings on your shirt - carry your story in your heart. Now that’s deep.

4-Use video chat to connect with long-distance friends and family

In this day of responsible distancing, your friends and loved ones are a video call away. Family makes us happy, friends make us smile. Happy, smiling singles are the very best kinds of singles, studies show.

5-Buy take-out or gift cards from local businesses. (help keep them in business while we're quarantined)

Can’t take that cute boy who swiped right to your favorite corner coffee shop currently? Help that cafe keep the doors open - buy a gift card for the day you can get together. (Pro tip: If the cute one flakes before the virus breaks, you might meet a new mate over espresso.)

6-Teach your dog a new trick (or maybe they can teach you)

If you have a canine companion you can spend this quarantine period with, be grateful! We suspect pets are happy to have us around a lot more right now. It’s a great time to get acquainted with man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

7-Talk to your plants (or that bottle of wine)

Plants actually drink the recommended water intake for their height and weight. Wine is pretty much a salad in a bottle. Keep company with these social titans during quarantine. Then, WATCH your social status take off when we can go out.

8-Try online dating (prepare yourself for meeting frogs before your prince or princess)

App matches can be as fun as Amazon Prime - with a much shorter delivery time. Filter frogs while you’re social distancing. Don't tolerate toads down the road. (If they’re less fun to talk to than your bottle of Merlot, at least now you know.)

9-Go on an online (virtual) date (you both can order take-out)

Someday, you can tell your grandkids about it. Back in the day, how gram and papaw both ordered poke bowls and had their magic moment courtesy of Zoom. Bonus: You can see if he chews with his mouth open before you bring him home to meet mama. Crisis averted.

10-Treat yourself to spa time (take that much-needed bubble bath)

Self-care starts at home. Did you know a foot mask is a thing? There’s no end to the ways you can pamper yourself. Loving yourself makes you more lovable. (Plus, smooth-skinned and smelling of vanilla and other nice things.)

11-Write a list of the 10 things you love about yourself (no need for modesty here)

After you exfoliate your heels, do a little number on your soul. You know you’d pick you from across a crowded room. We all need a bit of a reminder of our own divinity. You go, girl/guy.

12-Write a list of the top 10 things you’re grateful for (reflection is a good thing)

An attitude of gratitude goes a long way. It’s appropriate to list your favorite Nardo Organic Conversation shirt on this list. (Even if it’s still on your wish list.) It’s a beautiful time to be alive - and before we know it, it’s going to get even better.

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