5 Top Ways to Break the Ice Offline

5 Top Ways to Break the Ice Offline


  1. Let the other person explain things you don't know
    Listening is cool. It’s a great social grace, and you might learn something. You’ll get a good sense for a person’s intent by how they deliver it, too.

  2. Avoid Yes/No questions (unless they’re wearing a No/Maybe/Yes Nardo Organic T-shirt.)
    There’s no quicker way to get in a one-word answer rut! Plus, don’t you want to know what someone thinks about the topic? “What’s your take on …” is a stellar way to get to the heart of matters. 

  3.  Walk and talk with confidence
    Self-assuredness shows. The lack of it can be glaring! This has to come from inside - when you are good with who you are, you’re better able to connect with someone else who is good with themselves, too.

  4.   Wear a Nardo Organic T-shirt
    By far the most direct, most dynamic way to break the ice. You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve - we mean, chest - and that’s what we mean by putting your best foot forward. Don’t you wish everyone you met wore one? Tees for women | Tees for men

  5. Let the other person explain things you already know (Ego booster for know-it-alls)
    Sometimes, you have to throw a dog a bone. At least it can be entertaining. And you’re sharpening those listening skills for the next could-be connection you meet.

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