Organic Conversation Starters Meets Organic Cotton

Organic Conversation Starters - Wear Your Feelings

About Nardo Organic Conversation

A new city. A new scene. That’s what I was excited about when I moved in 2014. My new home has a wealth of bars, breweries, coffee shops, nightclubs and restaurants, all with unique opportunities to meet new people.

And in a vibrant, growing metropolis, I expected to see that vibrancy and growth brimming out of conversations between men and women everywhere. And I just didn’t see it.

It seemed many men lacked the courage to take the small but critical step of starting a conversation with women. That’s where the idea for Nardo Organic Conversation began - as a wingman for men, a conversation starter. What if a message on someone’s clothing could make that first overture for them?

Who makes the first move?

It didn’t appear many women were opposed to engaging in conversation - but they too were reluctant to make the first move. 

This disconnect felt greater than the inability to blurt out tired and trite pickup lines … from the “come here often?” approach of yesterday to “I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful your eyes are” weak attempt of today, there had to be a better way.

The message we want to convey to someone of interest has to delve a little deeper, without getting in over our heads. It can’t be contrived - it has to be genuine. 

A conversation starter on your shirt

A co-worker asked me if I was dating anyone. “No,” I said, “I’m in between relationships.” Instantly, that became my message status. It summed up my desire to someday be serious again, eventually. 

It wasn’t to be with confused pickup lines such as “just looking for a good time” or urgent messages such as “I want commitment and I want it NOW!” And, it would signal early to those looking for those things that this probably wasn’t going to be the best match.

So many ideas surfaced from that. Words on shirts have conveyed our thoughts on everything from coffee to tacos. Why not let them become romantic channels of communication, too? 

In a digital age, Nardo Organic Conversation goes old school to deliver an off-line conversation starter perfect for the 21st century.

Organic Cotton Matters

NARDO Organic uses organic cotton in its clothing line because we care just as much about the environment and your well being as we do about match making. Wearing organic fabrics, such as cotton, has a major positive impact on your health and the health of our planet.  Learn more about why organic cotton is better.